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TCB No2 Jeans 1890 Details ①

今回発表させて頂いたTCB No2 Jeans 1890のディテールを少しづつ紹介したいと思います。
1890年代と言えばXX DENIMがAmoskeagだという認識。

『Hartshorn Buckle』

What we referred to for the reproduction this time is this 201 pair from 1890 with a linen patch and only one back pocket.

Wide White Selvedge
In 1890’s the XX fabric used then is of Amoskeag mills but when it comes to No.2 denim fabric used we are not sure which mill used to supply the fabric to Levis but one thing sure is that the fabric was pure indigo dyed and so is our fabric this time.
What is interesting about this fabric is the weaving direction of the selvedge. I’ve seen this kind of wide white selvedge on some vintage jeans from the 20’s but the fabric this time has right hand twill selvedge on one side and left hand twill selvedge on the other side. I don’t know why it’s woven that way at all but we also made the special request on the selvedge to be woven the same way.

Hartshorne Buckle
Created based on the buckle invented by Mr. Hartshorne in 1855.




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