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Re-Stock 505 and 60’s

今日の写真はジーンズが3本並んでる写真の左からTCB60 LEVIS505 BIGE LEVIS66前期になります。

たまたま私が所有してたBIG E 耳付き 帯の地の目が変わってる505

Today we’d like to show our TCB60’s, Levis 505 BIG E, and Levis 66 early type (left to right)
Comparing the indigo tinge, I think the color of 505 is similar to the one of the 66 model. When buying denim fabric through Japanese fabric makers without any specific instruction, they do the anti-skewing process, burning the hairs on the surface and doing the anti-shrinkage process on fabric, 3 processes of which is called “Sanforizing process” by the way, since nobody wants fabric that shrinks and stretches much. I mean that’ll only cause problems for any fashion brands. Speaking of our fabric for 505, we ask for only the anti-shrinkage process so it will get twisted like this vintage pair we own.

I happend to own this 505 Big E with the selvedge ID, which is already super rare but the weaving direction of the waist belt is vertical on this pair. If you don’t know what I mean, please check all the jeans that you have to see if the fabric on the waist belt is used vertically. I’m almost sure every pair you have is done laterally. Our 505 is back in stock but due to the number of backorders for our stockists, some sizes are already sold out.Please check our website if you are interested.




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