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TCB No2 Blouse 1890も作りました。

Vintageコレクター古泉さんの協力を得て作らせて頂いたTCB No2 Jeans 1890 



As a guy who spends 365 days with top-to-toe denim on, I definitely need a matching jacket. But No.2 Jeans themselves are already super rare and it’s almost like a miracle to make a reproduction based on a vintage 201 and to be honest I thought it’s impossible to have the matching vintage jacket at the same time so we did the product development of the jacket this time based on the materials and pictures available.

The jacket has a single chest pocket at a bit lower placement and the pocket corner is rather rounded.
I explained that Union Special lap seam machines didn’t exist back then so that the armholes are also finished with single needle machines. It’s quite normal to finish the edge of fabric with overlocking but it wasn’t a thing back then. Instead of that, this jacket is made of a lot of selvedge part (Selvedge is both the ends of fabric.) This means there’ll be a lot of waste on the middle part of fabric. Imagine a roll of toilet paper and you can use only the ends of the paper but not the middle part, haha.

The selvedge part of the fabric is used on the collar, the waist belt, the placket front, the back body, the top sleeve and the bottom sleeve. The more selvedge we use, the more yardage it takes so the fabric cost gets quite expensive though…

The hard wears like buttons, the cinch are the same as the jeans but the cinch is attached to the right on the 1890s although it got switched to the left on the regular type 1.




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