TCB Crews Introduction

TCB Crews Introduction /


We are proud of what we make and each crew we have at TCB.
Let us introduce the TCB crews to you. WE MAKE YOUR JEANS!




He takes care of all the cloth cutting at TCB. Whatever TCB products you may be wearing now, they are made of the fabric cut by him. He’s been in quite a good mood since an air-conditioner was finally attached to the 3rd floor where his work takes place. Just for your little information, he loves any kinds of ramen and his accent on Japanese is quite a something



海外からの注文を多数頂くTCBで、海外マーケティングや営業を主に担当しています。2019年10月までは、ジーンズとは全く関係の無い業種でオランダに住んでいましたが、大好きなことを仕事にしたいと、TCBの門を叩いた新入りです。 いつか自分の手でジーンズを作れる日を目指して、TCBの海外の架け橋として日々勉強の毎日です。

When it comes to anything related to overseas, I’m on duty! Any customer enquiries, marketing, product photos, and sales management, anything outside the production, that’s what I’m supposed to be in charge of at TCB. I left the Netherlands where I lived for three years to join TCB crew since Nov 2019. So, I love anything Dutch as much as denim.




He is our best utility player. He always runs around the factory where needed. His nickname, Shiba, comes from the species of the dog, Shiba dog, because as you know Shiba dogs are pure, candid and always truthful and he does represent it at TCB! He does the chain-stitch hemming for most of our jeans so that your hemming request to TCB is done by this guy!

Matsu the Teen

Matsu the Teenマツ


This bleached-hair boy is so young that he is not legally allowed to drink beers. Poor kid but as long as the TCB tradition goes, no TCB crews prefer to drink any alcohol even after 5 on Friday! Soaked in indigo is alright for us after all. Anyways, he mainly takes care of the last stage of production such as bar-tucking, making holes for the buttons, applying rivets and cinch-backs, etc.




She is one of the founding members of TCB and is a grand master of making jeans. Every single TCB product making always starts from her since she makes the prototype on which we start the discussion in order to improve our goods better. She looks very calm and relaxed, most of the time sitting quietly on the chair in front of all kinds of sewing machines but she seems to be into punk and rock musics.




Another founding member of TCB, Tak. He is in charge of the production and a grand master of sewing at TCB. From repairs to the difficult parts of sewing, he does them perfectly. He is such an artisan as he does not open his mouth a lot. He loves reading and it seems he likes Kyoto very much.
According to Hajime Inoue, a good old friend/ the founder of TCB, he used to never wash his jeans for the best fades but knowing him for more than 20 years, Tak is no longer adamant about Non-Wash Club. Hajime once said to Taka, “Well, I guess this is what we call growing up.”, which sounded to me very interesting but at the same time funny how they love jeans and live with jeans.




She is veiled in mystery but it seems she also loves cats and jeans as much as Hajime does. I often see Hajime asking for her persimmon to buy some vintage but the answer was no for every time. She used to do customer service at our shop but is now in charge of accounting at TCB.


Hajime Inoue井上一

彼のデニム愛と情熱からTCBは生まれました。物心ついた頃からジーンズを愛し、ビンテージやジーンズ作りのイロハを最も深く理解している人間です。井上の性格を一言で表すことはすこし難しいですが、そのヒントと成り得るようなQ & Aを幾つか紹介します。

His love and enthusiasm towards denim was the trigger for TCB. Ever since he started loving the denims, he just kept absorbing the A to Z of the vintage and of the jeans per se. It is so difficult to describe his personality but here are some frequently-asked questions to him from all the denim heads in the world, which I think will give you some hints about what he is like.


How can you fade the denim so quickly and beautifully? are you emitting some sort of ingredients that nurture the fades?

Love and wear!
Plus, a bit of tension on the fabric works well, as in you should get a little more chubby.

To get the fades like yours, how many washes per month or year should I have and how?

正直に言えば、どうやろうといい色落ちにはなる。だって、自分の着方、自分の洗い方が結局はその人の生活、動き方を表していくんだから、そのジーンズは自分にとって一番いい色落ちになるよ。 いい色落ちの定義はひとそれぞれだけど、もしハチノスやヒゲをくっきりといれたいというのであれば、土日とか週二回しか仕事の都合で履けないのであれば、半年間は洗わないくらいかな。
Ah.. however you like. That’s the best way to make the jeans that fits the best on you. (He just does not really remember because he’s been wearing denim ever since he can remember.)

How would you want TCB to be in the future?


I’d like to be Colonel Sanders in the denim world.
Whenever anybody thinks of fried chickens, his face will pop up in your mind, right?
I guess Hajime just loves KFC for the sake of the fades-promoting substances…Anyways, he is always showing true self to all TCB crews, always pursuing for his own way, making what he really wants to make for TCB.

Special Thanks to



岡山 児島でデニムを作り始めた人間の一人。もう現役は退かれましたが、デニムは未だに大好きなシゲさん。日本の暑い夏に涼を納れるため、ジージャンを着ながらアイスを食べているナイスなおじいちゃんです。

Just a denim head for quite a long time, who actually was one of the first to start producing jeans in Okayama, Japan. Now he is retired and likes to eat Baskin Robins to get away from hot & humid summer in Japan.

Two Cats2匹の猫達


Tango the black cat黒猫のタンゴ


His name comes from the Italian children song, “Volevo un gatto nero”.
Coincidentally, Tango and Hajime have the same birthday, 9th of April. However, in Japan, people say both 4 and 9 have a negative connotation because 4 implies “Death” and 9 implies “Suffering” in Japanese. On the other hand, 49’ in the US means the gold diggers rushing to California, which was the birth reason for the jeans, and I live on jeans now and I’m totally happy every moment, right? This world is strange, indeed.

Tora the tabby catトラ猫のトラ


She was found when getting separated from her mom at the denim washing factory nearby TCB when she was not even able to open her eyes. So, Hajime took care of her since then. Her charm point is her kinked tail and she often appears on the woven tag of TCB products, her tail faithfully being depicted. In Japan, we call this type of tail as Key tail since the shapes are seemingly similar. Anyways, she was also the key for us to become what TCB today is.

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