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S40s Fade Contest 結果発表/ Winner Announcement

S40’s Fade Contestの結果発表となります。僭越ながら、TCB Crew達各々が決めた順位とその色落ちに対するコメントをご紹介させていただきます。また、結果発表の様子も別途IG Liveの動画がTCB inoue アカウントからご覧いただけます。


1st- No:38 Yot
The overall tone of the fade is pale and this pair is well worn but still, the whisker fade is strongly set on this pair. The crease and the damage from cuffing can be seen on the bottom legs but this look also adds a flair to the overall coolness of this pair.

2nd- No:149
High contrasted but it still looks naturally faded. I don’t like artificial fades very much but this left the impression that the fade was brought to this pair from his daily everyday life.

→3rd- No:114 vpgosnell
It’s struck me as very naturally faded jeans. I can’t agree more with his preference on the fade and this fade was developed from his natural attitude towards this pair.


1st- No.110 Chicote

I like the fade on the thighs on this pair, from which I’ve felt that this person has put so much wear and love into this pair. The overall impression on this jeans is, I guess, cool but I find the repair on the knee quite cute at the same time The styling is simple but it looks natural and cool!

2nd- No.15 Omri meir
All the repairs, probably done by the wearer himself, look fun and the appearance of his jeans told me that the wearer must have cherished his pair. Especially, the repair on the right side of the front crotch is so unique and I love it!

3rd- No.103 diggers
I like the thighs pretty faded on this pair and also how the knee is ripped looks cool too. I have a taste for the overall tinge of this pair.


1st-No.172 kiwi
→ヒゲ・ハチノス 共にハッキリ入っているのに入り過ぎてない。濃淡の差、全てが絶妙なバランスで個人的に欲しくなる色落ちでした。
Whisker fades and honeycomb fades are strongly set but they don’t strike me as too much. The balance of the fade and the indigo is just perfect and I want this pair for myself lol.

2nd-No.36 なゆたと猫/Nayuta and Cats
The fade on this pair feels three-dimentional to me as if it were a piece of art drawn by white and indigo.
I want to put this pair in a frame and hang it on the wall!

3rd-No.133 kiriyamaworks
This is the perfect example of good damaged jeans. Honeycomb fade looks beautiful as well. This pair made me realize again jeans could look better with some damage


1st- No.131 Stylefactory.matsuno
Very natural fades but the jeans show high contrasted fade at the same time.

2nd- No.196 tsumiremaru
I had to scroll back to see the fade again ana again. It seems the wearer has developed this fade from going mountain climbing and it’s not a thing for me but it’s cool to see the fade which I can’t get.

3rd- No.187 Tocchi
I like how the whiskers look on this pair and the knees are stretched out but somehow it looks cool.


1st- No.15 Omri meir

This pair speaks so much! I get the impression that the wearer must have put so much love and wear into this pair and at the same time he must have been nonchalant with how the fade would look. The sashiko hand repair with the + motif on the crotch, very clumsy yet lovely self repairs on the back pockets, the color difference on the hem brought by cuffing, etc. These details might not be the key points for the definition of what a cool pair of jeans is. Considering that the fast fashion is becoming the world standard, this kind of “old way to deal with clothings” is no longer the standard for the majority of people. When the jeans were work wears back then, people never had an idea to throw away a pair of jeans after just a year of wear, I guess.
Jeans were work wears, then became casual wears for everyone and they must have been like a buddy for each wearer. I’ve felt from his pair that sort of old way to enjoy a piece of clothing. I love vintage clothings and I feel that vintage clothings have some special aura or unique atmosphere around them but his pair made me realize again that those special aura must come from the relationship between a wearer and a clothing, or how much love a wearer have poured into one’s garment.

2nd-No.110 Chicote
→シンプルに一番かっこいいと思った色落ちです。特に、太腿辺りに見られるmarbling effectと呼ばれる小皺が連なったような色落ち感はビンテージジーンズによく見られますし、自然なヒゲ、はっきりとでた耳のアタリ、右膝のトボけた刺し子に対して、左膝は斜めに叩いて、統一感が無いようで全体のバランス感はとてもいい。私もこんなジーンズを、スリムなサイジングでクールに履きたかったです。笑

Simply the coolest looking pair of all. Especially, I like the marbling fade on the thighs, which are often seen on vintage jeans. Naturally faded whiskers, strong rail track fade on the side, hand-sewn Sashiko repairs on the right knee and a proper repair on the left knee. Everything is in the right balance. I wish I were much slimmer to wear jeans and look cool like this guy!lol

3rd-No:38 Yot

I’ve taken part in the very first stage of the product development of S40’s with Hajime so that I’ve looked at and touched the S501XX vintage pair so many times but this pair resembles the very own pair which we referred to when making our S40’s.

TK the skater

1st- No.33 Uncle Karl

I love his attitude toward jeans, or maybe I should say clothings. Don’t know how many times he washed, how many hours he wore the jeans, he wore them as work wear, he doesn’t care about the weaving defect. I know there is the coolness of jeans brought by the meticulous fade plan but the opposite way could also add a flair to jeans, which I like about for this pair.

2nd- No.172 Kiwi
I like the fade around the knees on this pair. I wear jeans to drag so I feel sympathized with how toasted the hems are. I don’t like cuffing so that’s another good point on this pair!

3rd- No.62 Yabu yoshi

I like the holes on the front body naturally made by wearing. I do lap seams on almost all jeans and jackets at TCB so that I couldn’t be happier to see the jeans sewn by me being worn so long that they have holes!


1st- No.62 Yabu yoshi
今回、最初は名前を見ずに写真だけで選んだのですが、前回のコンテストでも私はYabu yoshiさんを1位にしていたようで…穿いて洗ってリアルワークから生まれる色落ちが毎回素晴らしいです!

My preference is naturally faded jeans and this pairs appears the most beautiful to me.
I like the indigo tinge on this pair but at the same time, the whiskers fade is strongly set. Simply looking cool. To get rid of the other information than the fade itself, I picked each only from looking the pictures but it seems I chose his fade as NO.1 even in the last fade comp we did for the 20’s Jeans!

2nd- No.114 vpgosnell
The fade looks natural. not too high contrasted but looks powerful!
Even the damages and the stains make this pair look more stylish.

3rd- No.110 Chicote
The fade is also natural on this pair and I like the unique repair he did.


↓TCB Ryoからのコメントになります。

↓This is a comment from Ryo
Taka is very quiet but at the same time very passionate with making jeans. He is like a typical JP craftsman, don’t talk much but always pursue his way to make the best jeans. So, there’s no specific comment for each fade but he’s told me his instinct has decided the winners!

1st- No:38 Yot

2nd- No:125 JohnnyD

3rd- N0:128 juzuya_ihei

Hajime the boss

糸やボタンの資材を削らなければいけない時代背景の中でCone millに対して生地のオンスを上げたいんだ!

恐らく通常XX DENIMに使われた綿は軍服にキャパを奪われるのが自然なのかな?と思います。

Even before I started working on the product development for S40’s Jeans, I had always wondered if it was true that Levis decided to use the thicker denim fabric than usual under the time or war. Did Levis actually tell Cone mills that they would want to order more expensive fabric even though they had to make some compromise on the other parts of making jeans such as the number of rivets.
It’s just a hypothesis but looking at the military wears of the WW2 time, they are all made of cotton. Even the flight jackets back then were mostly made of cotton back then. So it’s plausible that the priority to use the high quality cotton must have been the military wears, not the jeans. So, Levis had no choice but to use the lower quality cotton for their jeans. The quality of cotton is usually graded based on the length of each fiber and in this sense Levis had to use the cotton the fibre of which were relatively short. In order to spin those cotton to make threads, we have to spin the cotton much stronger than usual to make the threads durable enough to weave denim fabric. So, that’s my guess behind this story. It’s often said in the denim industry that WW2 denim is really heavy but if you compare the oz of the fabric, there is not so much of a difference there but this hard spinning threads play an important role there. My judging criteria is how close the fade is to the intention I had for this fabric.

1st- No:67 Bionic Eye
Some parts are faded but other parts have so much indigo left. Strong dotty fade.
This is exactly what I wanted this fabric to fade! and they look ace!

2nd- No: 155 Ulala

It’s not that related to the said criteria but if you want this strong high contrasted fade, the base indigo color would usually turn out to be more yellowish. However, if you want this beautiful blue, you can’t have this strong whisker/honeycomb fades so I think the balance is just beautiful on this pair. Jeans tell the life style of its owner and this pair surely does. I’d like to have a peek on what kind of life he spends.

3rd- No:14 Paul T

Because of the Virus pandemic in the past few years, I haven’t gone out to find good vintage stuffs for a while and this applies to some of you too. But if I were to find this pair sold online, I’d definitely add this pair to my collection!. The whisker fade looks so unique.


1st No:38 YOT /from Indonesia
2nd No:110 Chicote /from United States
3rd No:15 Omri Meir /from Israel
3rd No:172 Kiwi /from Japan
5th No:62 YabuYoshi /from Japan

TCBの想いとしては、皆さんの生活や衣類に対する接し方がそのまま投影されるのがジーンズというモノなので、履いてくださったお一方お一方にとっては、自分だけのS40’s Jeansですし、それが各々にとっては一番のジーンズということは間違いないと思っております。


The winner’s podium looks very international this time! Congratulations to each one of you!
TCB will make a contact to each winner soon. We think the best part of jeans is that jeans reflect your own life style so the S40’s jeans you have worn looks the best on each of you.
Without the help of each contestant, Super Future, we couldn’t hold such an event so thank you so much again for all of you involved!





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