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My First Wrangler


I wanted to say that my first meeting with Wrangler was when I saw cowboys in Texas wearing the authentic western jeans.


But in reality, it was my friend’s brother working in the convenience store nearby that wore the western jeans when I was around 15 or so.


It was the late 90’s when Japan was having the first mega fad of vintage jeans and it was the time when any jeans without the red selvedge was nothing but a rubbish back then. But the fade on his jeans were awesome even though it was not Levi’s. I used to visit this store just to see his jeans even when I don’t have anything to buy there.


Until recently I didn’t remember this story but I recalled it when I started this project so I called up the friend to see if his brother still has the jeans.


Surprisingly, he still has the jeans and I asked him to lend me the jeans! The motivation for me to make clothings is like I’m collecting the jeans or the clothing I wanted but couldn’t afford then. This pair is not a vintage one so the details are not important but the pair made me realize how cool Wrangler fade was. As a token of thankfulness, I’ve made a promise to give our Wrangler repro when they are ready.


You don’t know what it is but one of the largest convenience stores in Japan is called Lawson and their logo is a milk bottle. It seems the origin of Lawson was a milk shop.

So, it might be a very good idea to wear a pair of western jeans as their uniform!

最後に、明日はS40’s fade contestの発表を行います。
最終の発表に関しては、Zoom & Instagram Live (@tcbinoue アカウントより) の両方で中継をしたいと思っています。日程としては、4/23(土) 19:00~を予定しております。

As for the winner announcement of the S40’s comp, we will do a Zoom Live/Instagram Live on 23rd April from 19:00 JP time. Each TCB staff will pick their 1,2,3 and will give each pair a comment for the top 3. I wonder who’s pair will win this time since each TCB crew has their own preference on fade! Please look forward to the winner announcement!





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