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5/10迄です。 TCB No2 1890


『connecting the dots』をまさに経験出来ました。
私はよく人生のconnecting the dotsをジーンズの色落ちに例えてて、


そしてNow 1890 生産業務に入るので5/10を持って一旦〆切です。

I haven’t talked about this a lot or I’d better say I don’t need to and you don’t want to know it anyways but I had a tenuous relationship with my own parents. When I was a teen, maybe I had some grudges against my parents. In my twenties that kind of negative feelings fueled my motivation, like I wanted to show my parents what I can achieve by myself. But after I turned to 30, I started to think differently: it’s a bit lame to hold negative feeling towards my parents or I made use of the grudges as my motivation but I’m certain that I’m here standing with TCB today purely because I had the life I had. So, I can proudly say that now do appreciate my past.

My favorite phrase is “connecting the dots” but I think I’ve experienced my dots in my life got gradually connected to form a line, which I think can also relate to the fade of jeans. Like when you get a new pair of jeans and you happen to rip the knees on the first day, maybe you’ll find it quite disappointing but if you just keep wearing them, the jeans will have some whiskers while the some other seams break and the pockets get ripped. And in the end the jeans will look as good as some other jeans you have cherished so far.By the time when the jeans have come to the fade completion, you might be saying, “I especially like the knee damage on this pair.

“Why am I telling this cheesy story? … well, today’s photos are of my mom!haha
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