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予約受付中 TCB No2 1890

Vintageを見せて頂いてから2年半の歳月を掛けて完成させたTCB No2 1890。

『ジーンズを開発した人が凄い。ミシンを開発した人が凄い。なんならUNION SPECIALのチェーンステッチなんてどうやって思いついたんだ!』
という想いは強くなるばかりでした。最初の頃は専務と寝ずにジーンズを作りました。そして、TCB Brandが始まってから10年以上が経ち、徐々に自分自身が縫製工程から離れ、会社としての仕事をすることが増えてきました。当初は先人達への尊敬、その発明に対しての驚きと少しの嫉妬が入り混じったような想いから、今は日本のジーンズ産業が今後も残るようにしないといけない、次世代にも技術のバトンを落とさずに渡さなければならないという想いに少しずつ変わってきたような気がしています。

チェーンの巻き縫いや43200の裾上げがどれだけ画期的で便利だったかをTCB Boys達も日々の縫製業務から痛感してくれることでしょう。
Vintage Jeansの縫製を学び、それを真摯に受けとめて、次世代のジーンズ作りを支えてくれる職人になっていってくれればいいな。
TCB No2 1890 予約受付中です。

TCB No2 1890 Jeans have been completed two and a half years after Mr. Koizumi showed us the vintage 201.
I am happy that we’ve finally released it.

As I have written this many times on the recent blog posts, in 1890, 134 years ago, when technological innovation in fabric production was still immature, it must have been impossible to prepare beautiful, uniformed threads and the dyeing must have been unstable in the quality and the color because the synthetic indigo was not used. We often ask our partnered weaving factory to set the shuttle speed at a slow pace so as to get the vintage-like feeling but that slow speed must have been the most efficient speed possible back then. I think you can feel it from the fabric this time.

I have always thought that being able to sew jeans is not something I can be proud of.
The more I sew, the more I feel the person who developed the jeans is genius or it is purely unbelievable to invent the sewing machines. Or I was more like, How on the earth were you able to come up with the chain stitch machines of UNION SPECIAL?That kind of thoughts only grew stronger as I continued making jeans.

In the beginning, I made jeans without sleeping with Taka, the TCB’s production manager. More than 10 years have passed since TCB started. I have gradually stepped away from the sewing works myself and started working more and more for the company-related (boring) tasks. When I first started TCB, I had a mixed feeling of respect for our predecessors, surprise at their inventions, and a little bit of jealousy towards the feat, but as I continued engaging in the industry now I have started to feel that we have to make sure that the jeans industry continues to exist, and that we need to make sure that we pass a baton to the next generation .

The reproduction we did this time is a pair of jeans sewn only with single needle machine.
Thanks to jeans made 134 years ago, we can still make a living by making jeans, which I gotta be thankful for again.
I’m sure TCB Boys will realize from their daily sewing work just how revolutionary and convenient the chain stitch lap seam machines and the hemming machines are. I hope they learn how to make jeans and keep absorbing knowledges and skills, and become craftsmen who support the next generation of jeans making.




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