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GW中、全サイズTCB SHOPに展示中で現在予約受付中でNo.2 Jeans 1890
11ozと軽いオンスになるとどうしても糸が細くなるので物理的に生地感がフラットになる事が多いのですが1890は6 7 8 3と混ぜてますのでザラ付きを感じて頂けて、それ凹凸感がとても気持ち良いと思います。

そして今日の写真、異番手を混ぜた生地と言えば、一番最初に作ったViktors voiceのTwo Cat’s。
ビンテージ でも、色が落ち始めたジーンズをよくみてみると全体的に色が落ちる中で、数本縦方向にサーっと色が抜ける糸がありますよね。

Two Cat’sの生地を観て、より次は1890年のNo2をイメージした5種類の生地も楽しみになりました。

This fabric was created using 5 types of fabrics including weft.
When it comes to light ounces like 11oz, the thread becomes thinner, so physically the fabric often feels flat, but 1890 is mixed with 6, 7, 8, and 3, so you can feel the roughness, and the texture is uneven. I think it feels very is Even clothes are reminiscent of the texture of seersucker.
This kind of fabric is famous for being comfortable to wear because it has less contact area with the skin.
It may be a coincidence, but the 1890 fabric is also comfortable against the skin, and even though I wear jeans 365 days a year, I’m planning on making it my summer companion.

In today’s photo, speaking of fabrics that mix different counts, it’s the Viktors voice Two Cat’s that I made first.
The source material for making the fabric at this time was 201 scraps from the 1910s.
I tried to recreate the roughness of 1910 by mixing two types of yarn in one fabric.
Relying on the craftsman’s intuition, 80% of the material is twisted a little harder.
I decided to have the remaining 20% made into yarn by cutting the number of twists in half.
The hypothesis is that the indigo dyeing in strong twists is shallower and the color fades more quickly, resulting in the uneven, vertical fading effect similar to Vintage.
Vintage But if you look closely at jeans that have started to fade, you will notice that while the color has faded overall, there are a few vertical threads where the color has suddenly faded.
This is because how much indigo penetrates depends on the strength of the twist.
(Strong twist = Difficult for indigo to penetrate = More gray areas → Color fading quickly)
With this in mind, two of the jeans I made with the fabric showing slight discoloration happened to come into the pit in quick succession for repair, so I would like to introduce them to you.

You can see that the color is fading from the stronger twist side first.
There are two types of fabrics inspired by this 1910 No.2.
After seeing Two Cat’s fabrics, I was even more excited to see the 5 different fabrics inspired by 1890 No2.




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