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出来上がった生地は織り上がりの生機の状態で9.8オンス 洗って縮むと目が詰まって11.4オンスになります。

With the 5 different threads in hands, we payed a visit to the weaving factory in Ibara.
When we start to work pan a new fabric, I always go there to share my passion with the craftsmen who tackle this difficult task for TCB.Weaving work is not in the range of TCB’s defense zone. I mean denim brands are basically a professional of pattern making and from this perspective TCB is basically a professional of sewing. So, I would say no brand can make perfect fabrics without the help from fabric & weaving professionals. In this sense, we lay 100 % trust on the craftsmen of this partnered factory.

I simply asked the craftsmen the first impression they had on this fabric.
They honestly told me that it’s one of the most difficult requests they had ever had. It’s already uncommon to use 2 different threads for the warps but 4 different ones this time and to find the right balance between the narrow and the thick threads is quite tricky. As a person who owns my own factory, I understand that it’s quite a troublesome request for them to tackle this unprecedented way because what we asked them to do is that, simply put, please do whatever it takes to weave the best fabric and don’t think about the production efficiency. I feel some kind of sorryness one one side and at the same time it also makes me feel more determined that I cannot let down both the craftsmen and denim lovers.

Without the helps from many others, we can’t make products of high quality.
If I put it in a sentence, it’s just a self evident proof but we sometimes forget such a simple thing, right?
Visiting factories and sharing my love & passion towards denim can always remind me of the simple fact.

It’s 9.8 oz fabric in raw and is 11.4oz after washing.




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