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Making of S40’s jeans


Speaking of the normal process of making a pair of jeans, we attach the belt loops at the end but when it comes to TCB, we do a lot of “Banzai” sewing on the belt loops so that we need to be prepared with the belt loops in advance otherwise we can’t smoothly move on to the next procedure.
* Banzai means raising both hands up in the air, in which method we apply the bottom bar tucks to fix the placement for each belt loop first and then do the top stitch on the waist band together with sewing the upper stitch on the belt loops.

Also I felt like taking a photo of some scrap fabric we used to check the stitch balance & threads tension.
The box pleats on the type 1~ type 3 are more tricky than you might think. We need to be cautious about the threads tension there because some parts are 3 folded but other parts just go through a layer of fabric. Therefore, the right setting is necessary to have the box pleats sewing right.

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