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Two Cat’s Brand DETAIL TALK 1


f you look at the finish on the boundary between the denim fabric and the pocket bag, it’s not properly finished. Usually, they are tucked inside but people back then must have been nonchalant with non visible parts of jeans.

このパッチのデザインはあえてTCBという文字は入ってません。それは私たちからするとTCBと気付いてくれるかな?と不安でしたが、元ネタもOLYMPICのラベルには一切Levisと入って無い為TWO CAT’Sメインにしてます。

The patch is made of linen. As you wear, it get rubbed off like vintage. We’ve decided not to have our brand name, TCB, on the patch this time because the vintage doesn’t have the name, Levis, either. Old jeans don’t have belt loops and so do our jeans but if you look closely at how the patch is sewn. It’s done in one stroke when sewing the upper seam of the waist belt. The less we cut threads, the more production efficient it is, right?

Pure Indigo のWaist Overall とBlouse
Logwood Brown のWaist Overall とBlouse と4品番ございますので、詳細はリンクからご確認ください。

The pre-order pages are up online.
You can download the product leaflet from the QR code at the very bottom. Thanks!

サンプルサイズがBLOUSEで44 Waist Overallで36の為、着用者のバリエーションが取れずに申し訳御座いません。
7/11 23:59まで予約は受付中なのでお気軽に御相談下さい。

Another bunch of style photos with our skater boy.
The pre-order is still open till 11th July! If you have any questions about the sizing, shoot a message to @rn182 on IG




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