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児島のお父さん/ Dads in Kojima

When I was a elementary school kid back then, we all had to make some cleaning cloths or moms needed to attach some number cloths to official gymnastic uniform, good old memories aren’t they?

■Additional information
In Japan where collective manners are very much appreciated, any school kids have to do the cleaning after all the classes are finished in a day, we all have to clean the classroom, toilets, corridors, windows etc every day and so do teachers.
When taking a P.E. class in Japan, you must wear an official gymnastic uniform, otherwise you are out of everyone’s favorite subject, P.E. and we have a sports day once a year so that’s why you need to ask your mom or dad about the number cloth thing.


At TCB, we have more guys than women to do the sewing so it’s dad’s job here.
This time, I needed to customize my daughter’s school cap, adjusting the elastic band, attaching the Toy Story patch.

In the near future, I’ll be asked to make some cleaning cloths for sure. I’ll make some special ones by Union Special sewing machines, hoping my daughter will like to do cleaning!, which I’m especially bad at.




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