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5/30-31 TCB SHOP OPENしてます

5/30-31 TCB SHOP OPENしてます
先日お伝えした通り、デニム雑談を5/30(土) PM8:00から
@tcbinoue アカウントより インスタライブを実施致します。


それを後押しするほどのモノでも無いかもしれませんが、こういったStay Home with your cat ネームを使った企画を当日の雑談内でお届け出来ればとも思っています。

それでは、明日 午後8時よりご参加頂ければ幸いです。


Hi folks,

We are holding a IG live event tomorrow from 8PM JP time but it’ll be solely in Japanese. We’ll do one in English soon as well as a 24 hours live event hosted by
DenimHang on 31 May from 6AM UK time.

We are taking part in a online live event hosted by Global Denim Hang (@globaldenimhang)
TCB is given a time slot of 1 hour from 6AM UK TIME BST on 31 May. Among well-known shops and denim brands, TCB is currently
the only one JP brand participating this event.
For the first half, we are planning to show you how we make jeans. We’ll livestream Hajime Inoue using Lapping seam sewing machine, Waist belt sewing, button hole, and the bartuck machine. For the latter half, we’ll be doing a TCB factory tour. TCB is quite rare in terms of its in-house capability to make jeans from cutting fabrics to sewing every part of the process. Less than 20% of brands has the facility even in Kojima, Okayama. So, I hope it’ll be interesting for you to see how TCB makes our jeans.

How to join:
Going to link below and you can find the Zoom Link for each time slot.

Global Denim Hang

*You need Zoom app to join the live show.




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