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TCB Foundation Day


As of 21/Jan 2022, TCB has entered its 14th year. As for TCB JEANS brand, 2022 is our 10th year though but we originally started as a sewing factory to undertake OEM orders. I recall the day in 2008 when I drove on the snow-covered road, which is quite rare in Kojima, to make a courtesy visit to the factories in the neighborhood.
Of course I upheld our big goal back then with the founding member of TCB, Taka, and I need to apologize that we haven’t even achieved the half of it but I’m thankful for our supporters that we can do what we like to do, making jeans, with all our staffs we have now.

I’m the type of person who can’t stand with being alone so I’ll try my best to keep this place as long as I can do! When Taka decided to build his own house and needed to take out a loan for the house, he wrote TCB as his workplace for the application form and it was approved!! I think that was one of the happiest moments in my TCB life because I felt like my company was officially approved by the society, you know. To be honest, I had some difficult time with the bank when I got a loan for my house. In my daily life, I don’t always think about how many years we’ve gone so far but somehow I remembered this morning that today was our foundation day 14 years before.




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