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50’s JK Restock and Mini50’s 完成のお知らせ

娘が生まれてから公私混同で進めてるKIDS LINE
彼女が1歳の誕生日に着させたくて作ったWrecking Crew PT

是非家族のGolden Ageをジーンズという形で残して頂ければと思います。
Mini 50’s Jacket
Mini 50’s Jeans
このタイミングで大人の50’s Jacketも補充しております。
※写真は娘ではなくGood Guys人形です笑

Ever since my daughter was born, some might say I cannot keep private considerations out of my work life but I made Kids Wrecking Crew Pants for her 1 year old birthday. She was a toddler back then and wore a diaper so I thought it’d be easier for her to wear or take them off than the normal jacket and jeans. She was my first child so when I tried to buy clothings for her, I was like “hmm this shirt is so cute but she’ll get too big soon to wear the shirt…?”

But I chose a somewhat big size for the overall and she was wearing them with some big cuffs when she was 1 year old for her  and now she’s turned to 3 and 4 months old and she still wears the same overall now with much smaller cuffs. Of course, your kids getting bigger is definitely not bad news but it’s really good news we should appreciate, right?  Even if the size got too small, you can then let your siblings wear them or you can frame the overall and hang it on the wall, which can be really good furniture that reminds you of the old days with your kids.
With that kind of feeling in my mind, the TCB kids line started 3 years ago. On the 2nd year, we released the USN denim uniforms aka Seamen Suits and finally this year, we are going to release our flagship model, 50’s denim tux in the kids size! We are TCB so we didn’t make any compromise on the details of course. She is now 3 years old and she is developing her own personality: she likes pink;) but as a dad who works in the fashion industry, I…. don’t want her to wear a pink sweater shirt with some sort of anime princess printed but I also understand that I should let her do whatever she wants in terms of fashion. But for now, she imitates her mom’s and dad’s styles so that she naturally accepted the denim styles for now.
This TCB kids project continues till she’s developed her own preference on clothing, haha.I just think it’s a fabulous idea to keep the family memory with my kids, or your kids in your case, as a form of jeans, which we all love…




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