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Hello 2021






Taking Care of Business を略してTCB株式会社にしました。

(後に、後付けでLeviの古いAdのTwo Horse Brand から Two Cat’s Brandを思いつきTCBjeansを始めたのですがらTCB株式会社にして良かったとは思ってます。)



キャンプファイヤー株式会社では無く、 TCB株式会社 一同
Happy new year holidays for all of you.

It was such a bizarre year for anyone last year under the virus pandemic which no one has ever experienced before but I’m glad that TCB staffs are at least in a good shape, celebrating the new year to come.

We were thinking to close the shop last year since we thought it’d be unsafe and weird for us even with a facial mask on to take care of customers at our shop but it’s becoming the world standard now. The 2nd, 3rd wave is coming throughout the world so please stay safe everybody!

Well, It’s been already 13 years since I established TCB as a company. One day, I recalled about the day before TCB was born when I was wondering what I should name the new company. I was undecided whether I should name it Camp Fire Co.,Ltd.
(Personally, I might be an indoor person though.)

Why? I had literally nothing back but I only had a passion and a dream.
I would make a tiny, tiny fire for denim lovers through my business and some likeminded guys would gather around the tiny fire and would dance around it.
That’s the company I wanted to have.

Having discussed the name for long, my old friend, Taichi from XX Development gave me an idea, TCB, which stands for Taking Care of Business. I literally wanted the name to represent my company’s motto and thought it a good idea so that’s where TCB came from.
*Later, I realized it can be a good parody to the two horses brand: Two Cats Brand, haha. In the end, my intuition about the company name brought a good meaning.

Again it’s been 12 years with TCB company. Now that a lot of customers are liking TCB and would gather around the blue fire on which I’ve been putting wood. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I was 27 years old.

I’d like to keep doing the same for 2021, putting wood on fires for all denim lovers.

Much appreciation to all of you again.
From not Camp Fire Team but from TCB team.




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