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Tabby’s Coat Brown Soda Stripe

ずっと私の机の上に転がっていた某ドリンクメーカーのVintage workパンツ
これはこれで素敵なんですが、やっぱり ハンバーガー コーラ 野球 ジーンズからアメリカを知った私にとって、ジーンズに合わせたいと思う様になりました。
そこでタイミングよく、春に向けてTABBYS COATの新色作りたいよねという話とタイミングが重なってこの生地を再現し作る事になりました。




Merry Christmas!!

12/25 (土)19:00~ Ryo君との雑談ライブ 
12/28 (火)10:00~ 縫製工場ならではのライブとして、高岡工場長にも出演してもらって、ジーンズ1本の縫製工程を井上の実況付きでお送りします。

A pair of vintage pants from a certain beverage company has been on my table for quite a long time.
Sometimes I look at them and check the detail but I’ve always wondered who dare to wear them if TCB reproduced them.
The outside of thighs are reinforced with dual fabrics. Maybe they had to be durable enough for carrying cases of soda?

The fabric, the details, and the look are all great but I want to style this with jeans. For me, jeans represents American culture and so do hamburgers and Coke! At the timing, we discussed what new color of Tabby’s coat to make for the spring to come and the special fabric came in just in time for that.

I wanted to make this coat have some feel of a company uniform so we added the Sagara chainstitch embroidery on the back. The design can easily be associated with the world most famous soda brand but I don’t think we’ll be sued for that…
Again when we make something made of not denim fabric, what we care the most is that the clothe go match well with jeans.

This is just hearsay from someone but the red colored clothes of Santa Clause was influenced and established as a culture by this soda brand.
So, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad to release these new coats on Christmas Day.
Merry Christmas for all denim lovers!

10oz Herringbone fabric
Based on the vintage offcial work wear of the soda brand, the base color and the stripe are faithfully reproduced.

When it comes to denim, Kojima is the place to go but when it comes to hand chainstitch embroidery, Gunma prefecture is the place.
Each embroidery is done by hand so the look slightly change depending on each but I believe that’s what we love about any handwork!




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