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Sewing Thread



The project this time is to reproduce jeans and denim jacket from about 140 years ago.
I was not too sure about the thread used back then, what it’s made of, the color, the yarn count, etc. I assumed some hemp might be mixed in the thread to make them cheaper so I asked some help with a thread-professional this time.

He fell in love with vintage jeans and he’d been studying all about vintage threads. Even after he established his thread company, his most vintage-alike threads were not adopted by the L company but he never gave up. He continued suggesting his threads to the L for 10 years and finally his threads were used by them when the company tried to make an ultimate reproduction jeans. He is a true craftsman as well as a great sales person.

With the help of this guy, I think we’ve made the world best threads to reproduce these blue golds!




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