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30’s JeansC 生産スタート

予約を受付してた30’s JeansCの生産が無事にスタートしております。
30’s Jacket同様に裁断が完了した後、少しだけ余分に作れましたので予約ページを再開しております。

We’ve started the production of 30’s Jeans C and after having cut the fabric we’ve found that we can take 2 more orders for each size so that now they are back online but only on the Japanese website. (We run 2 different websites for domestic orders and overseas orders)
I think if you ender our JP website, it’ll be automatically translated into English but if you are not sure how to order on the JP website please hit @rn182 on IG.

We will continued making 30’s series as our permanent collection but due to the custom made fabric of the next batch being prepared at the moment, the next restock will be somewhere around next Jan or Feb so if you are interested in our new custom made fabric, please consider grabbing one from the first batch!




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