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生地の生産も終了して廃番が決定してるCATBOY JK
34 36と48 50というサイズが現在販売中ですが
CATBOYは他のTCBのジャケットより腕周りがタイトになる為、現行の30‘s 40’s 50’sで着用して頂いてるサイズの1サイズアップの方がしっくり来る傾向かと思います。
The fabric of Cat boy has run out and our Cat Boy series will be no longer produced.
We announced this a while ago but now there are only a few sizes left. We get many restock requests for this model so we clarify again that we can’t make them anymore since all of TCB denim fabrics are exclusively made for each model and we don’t have the fabric left anymore.

We have 34, 36, 48, 50 sizes available for the jackets. Cat Boy Jackets are made slim and tight so that we usually recommend 1 size up from your 50’s, S40’s, or 30’s Jacket. 34 and 36 are good sizes for females.

It seems most denim fans around the world including Japan like only the Levis jeans? but I’d like to recommend our LEE model to Levis fans as well since there are so many interesting details on LEE jeans. Also, the fade looks totally different and I can’t say which is superior. Both super good in a different way!




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