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Info TCBの定番品番である50’s/ 20’s & 30’s の値上げに関するお知らせです。

TCBの定番品番である50’s/ 20’s & 30’s の値上げに関するお知らせです。
50’s Jacket  税込み¥22,000 →新価格 ¥24,200
50’s Jeans 税込み¥20,350 →新価格 ¥22,400
50’s Slim Jeans 税込み¥20,350 →新価格 ¥22,400
50’s Slim R Jeans 税込み¥20,350 →新価格 ¥22,400
50’s Boys Jacket 税込み¥22,000 →新価格 ¥24,200
Mini 50’s Jeans 税込み¥18,150 →新価格 ¥20,350
Mini 50’s Jacket 税込み¥20,350 →新価格 ¥22,000
20’s Jeans 税込¥22,000 →新価格 ¥24,200
30’s Jacket 税込¥22,000 →新価格 ¥24,200



現在、品薄の為、予約販売をしているS40’s Jeans & Jacketですが、こちらも生地の値上がりが発生する見込みです。現在、5月中旬 ~6月上旬のご予約を受け付けておりますが、その次の生産分からは新価格が適用されます。

We’d like to announce the price increase on TCB 50’s & 20’s, 30’s.

■Price List ( Old →New)
50’s Jacket  ¥22,000 →¥24,200
50’s Jeans ¥20,350 →¥22,400
50’s Slim Jeans ¥20,350 →¥22,400
50’s Slim R Jeans ¥20,350 →¥22,400
50’s Boys Jacket ¥22,000 →¥24,200
Mini 50’s Jeans ¥18,150 →¥20,350
Mini 50’s Jacket ¥20,350 →¥22,000
20’s Jeans ¥22,000 →¥24,200
30’s Jacket ¥22,000 →¥24,200

The new prices will be applicable as of 1st April Japan time

■The reason for the price increase
The prices of buttons, rivets, and other hard wears have increased by 10% and also there was a hike in price for the cotton. Since we rely almost 100% on the import when it comes to cotton, we had no way to absorb the increase of the cost price within the current retail prices.

As for the S40’s, we plan to increase the retail price for both jackets and jeans .
We are taking the pre-orders for S40’s now with the current price but I assume the price will be higher by 10% from the next production run (probably July-August completion) so please beware in mind if you are planning to purchase the S40’s.




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