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Viktors Voice

そうViktors Voiceの本人Viktor Fredbäckの登場です。

It looks still cold there but great pictures came all the way from Sweden. Mr. Viktor Fredback in the Viktor’s voice natural indigo tux!( we secretly call him BIKU-Chan.)


B-7 and denim tux, I like especially like the color contrast. Is bonfire much more common in Sweden? I’ve gone to some camps lately and like to watch the flaring of bonfire.

多分彼は当分発掘に行けて無いはずなのでTWOCATS BLOUSEWAIST OVERALLをネバダの埃だらけにして欲しいです。

TCB Ryoの余談ですが
今回この素晴らしい写真を撮ってくれたのは Mr. Julio Saintさん、どうやらすごい方のようで、ビクちゃんの前の撮影は、日本のニュース等でもよく見かけるスウェーデンの大統領の方だったみたいです。

Ryo speaking a little bit but the photographer who took these great pictures is Mr. Julio Saint and the guy is a famous photographer. It seems the last client before Viktor was the prime minister of Sweden!


I once made a video of the conversation between us and Viktor. Because the editing and adding the subtitles to the video was so laborious and time-consuming, I had to watch the video again and again so that I KNOW he is a guy who is always smiling and laughing. Looking at the pictures of him this time, I got quite amused by how serious he looked and told him, you look so serious in the pictures. In my memory, you were always and in every minute smiling. Viktor told me then that all of his friends know he is the type of guy and the photographer asked him to put a serious face on because they wanted to do something different from the usual pictures. It seems he smiles in more than 90% pictures taken before, lol.


Lastly, he said
“I’m not a mean guy so I always smile.”

Great Photos




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