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楽しくなければ、写真じゃない! / If you can’t enjoy it, pictures show it.



There is a Japanese idiom ” 三度の飯より、〜好き” (Like something better than food/ anything else)
This guy has given some witty remarks like I love photography much better than food or If you can’t enjoy it, photography shows it. He is already retired from working and takes pictures of the sea, people and cats in Kojima everyday. The meeting with this guy was such a coincidence but I picked up a lost mobile phone on the beach nearby when I was taking a walk. I stopped a while and then made a phone call to the most recent caller on the lost phone and that guy was him.

I was also taking some pictures at the beach so waited for a little bit for the someone to come and pick it up.
Soon later, a hippie-like, kinda suspicious guy walked up to me with 2~3 cameras in his hands, walking very slowly because he was also taking lots of pictures of me from the distance, of course without my permission. (It’s of corse fine by me though). Instantly, I was like Oh god, some strange guy is coming. I should have just picked it up and should have brought it to a police station… but after 2~3 minutes of talking with him, I’ve made a new friend!!

My wife told me that I would look just like him 30 years later. Maybe I’ll go taking some pictures of cats with him soon.

He says all the TCB crews show each personality so liveliness and good atmosphere is oozing out.
Our young crews skate in the morning and at the lunch time in front of the factory and this photography master came to our factory 3~4 times last week to take photos of head-to-toe denim guys skating. Such a lovely guy enjoying his own life. Big thumbs-up to my new friend!





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