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New Release: Dude Ranch Shirt 8.5oz Denim/ 6oz polka dots

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“DUDE RANCHERS”と呼ばれる牧場観光や、ウエスタンスタイルの流行が全盛だった50年代のウエスタンシャツを再現

Dudeは今でこそ、親しい友人間で使われるスラングですが、元々は”都会人”という意味合いの言葉でした。TCBのDude ranchシャツも、シルエットは現代でも着て頂きやすいようDudeな仕様になっています。

1:8.5 oz デニム *Ranchman shirt Denim と同様の生地です。
デニムはカリフォルニアコットンを使用した、8.5オンスの ナチュラルムラデニム。 旧力織機でゆっくりと時間をかけて織り上げた、 生地に凹凸(膨らみ・ザラ感)のあるワークテイストの ライトオンスデニムです。

2: 6oz polka dots

We’ve reproduced the iconic sawtooth shirts from 50’s when the western style and dude ranchers were in a full swing.

The sawtooth flap pockets and the eye-catching back yoke are the famous features from the shirts from this era. For the lapping seam, we use 7/32 inch seam width in reverence to the vintage. As far as a Japanese guy looked up for the meaning of the word, Dude, it seems it used to mean urbanite. The cut for our dude ranch shirt has been modified to fit into your urban and dude’s wardrobe!


1 Denim
The fabric is 8.5OZ indigo denim with some irregularity on the surface. The cotton used for the denim fabric is grown in California and the denim is woven by vintage looms very slowly for the natural unevenness, which is exactly what TCB has wanted as the best for this type of shirts.

2 Polka dots
The fabric is 6 OZ chino fabric with polka dots discharging print.
Wabash is the term to describe the method to create some patterns by discharging some indigo on the fabric so it doesn’t have to be the famous stripe pattern!




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