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Restock Detachable Collar Work Shirt

今年も暑い日々を楽しんで頂こうとDetachable Collar Work Shirtを再生産しました。(去年の発売日を確認したら6/18の投稿だったので丁度1年振りの販売となります)

We produced Our Detachable Collar Shirt again for this summer. It seems we released the shirt on the same day last year so it’s the second restock after 365 days.

去年Detachable Collar Work Shirtが完成した時は少しふざけ過ぎたBlogを書いてたみたいなので今年は真面目に語ろうかと思います。
On the last blog, I kinda jokingly wrote the blog about the shirt but I’ll take a serious look on this model this time.

是非素肌に Detachable Collar Work Shirtで夏を楽しんで下さい。

In the product development meeting, we had a conversation like hey we need some shirt for summer and our guys came up with a bunch of ideas about short sleeve shirts but in the end we decided to make a long sleeve one made of some comfortable fabric. When choosing which fabric to use, what I paid the biggest attention to was softness of fabric and low transparency. I like the look of linen fabric made of jute but you must feel too scratchy you know? definitely not suitable for any shirts. In order to figure out what fabric oz is the best, we did a bit of
experiment with our production manager: putting some fabric on his nipples to see if it cannot be seen through. (If it is, it can be recognized as sexual harassment in Japan. is it the same in your country, lol?)
As the result of the experiment, approx 5.5oz linen fabric was the best so that’s why we ended up with the fabric! Enjoy wearing the shirt next to your skin!

乳首の透け感に拘り完成した Detachable Collar Work Shirtですが、乳首の箇所にはポケットが有るので生地が二重になり透け感は影響有りませんでした。ご了承ください。




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