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ジーンズ工場が作るシャツ/Shirts made by a jeans factory


The very first TCB shirt we released was our Ranchman.
But at the very beginning days of TCB, I wasn’t thinking of making shirts by ourselves at all.

More accurately speaking, it’s not that we couldn’t make shirts but I knew our machines were not suitable for making a proper shirt. In Japanese, there’s a saying that goes ” If you want a mochi, go to a mochi shop.” In English, I’d say if you want a skateboard, go to a proper skate shop, as in not the cheap ass skateboard you buy from Costco or something. But when it comes to shirts, this saying applies much.

But when I found a vintage western shirt, I was convinced that there were a kind of shirt that looks much better if made by a jeans factory.
It’s Strong puckering fades brought by the strong tension of the seams, the fine pitches of the seam that made me think that way.

It would be impossible for any shirt factories to produce this authentic atmosphere of vintage western shirts.
If you look at the sewing pitch on the shirt yoke, the seam width is 1/4 inch and there are 9 seams in an inch, which is quite wide.
The needle used for our shirts are quite thick too.

そして去年の緊急事態宣言時に作成したSTAY HOME TAGを今年も作成するという形になってしまいました…
Last year, we made this special Stay Home patch to encourage people to stay home and stop Covid but it seems we need to do this again.

ということで、ご希望の方々に限り、TCB製品のどの商品をお買い上げ頂いてもこちらのタグを同梱 もしくは取り付けをして、商品をお届けさせて頂きます。 注文時の備考欄に、Stay home with your cat タグ希望の旨をご記入頂ければと思います。


Let me note a few points regarding the tag
* We are going to either include the tag or attach the tag to your purchased item
* If you’d like us to attach the tag, please mention that in the note section. When you indicate left or right, please indicate that based on when you wear them.
* the number of the tag is limited so we’ll finish the service when we’ve run out of the tag.
*We’ll try to cater to your demand as to where you’d like to have the tag attached but some cases we can’t due to the structure of a garment. e.g. the bottom half of a front pocket of a jean jacket→ we need to take the pocket off to attach the tag. We can only attach the tag where any disassembly is not needed.




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