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Serious Product Meeting at TCB Part 2

One thing in common for all the professionals is that they most of the cases start the specific sports or playing an instrument at their early stage of 2 ~ 3 years old.

We had one last discussion on the new product details with this cute little lady the other day.

Wrecking Crew PTの色落ちサンプルを観ながら私のWrecking Crew PTは良い色になる頃は私には小さくなってるねって言ってる彼女
She was looking at the fade sample, saying “I’ll have grown too big to wear my overall before my wrecking crew pants have faded beautifully like this.”

She was also saying, “But my ‘small’ overall will be a good memory for our family and it might be a good idea to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall as a house deco.

She was saying “The cats on the woven tag are cute.”

She also told me that “You wear border T a lot but you are a bit too chabby for border that emphasizes your body line wider so why don’cha wear a stripe? What about wabash?

She was saying ” only 30 of the small cat cushion is left now so hurry if you’d like to welcome her!”

年末年始のTCB SHOPは
年内12/21-22 12/28-30日営業  年始1/1-2休み 1/3-4営業 1/5日休み 1/_6から通常営業になります。
As for the opening hours for TCB shop for the new year season,
28,30/DEC – Open
1,2/ Jan – Closed
3,4/ Jan – Open
5/Jan – Closed
From 6th, we will be back in the normal operation.
Opening hours is from 11:00 to 18:00.

We’ve had more and more numbers of overseas customers and voices from them asking for more details on the products so that we finally made one for all TCB fans from the world! The translation and the website making was all done by our new man, Ryo, let him know if you have any questions on the product description or anything particular you’d like to know about TCB! He’s going to work on some blog posts to show what we do!

TCBではonline StoreとTCB 2F SHOPスペースで
12月中に購入の方に CAT Cushionをノベルティとして付けさせて頂きます。
As usual with TCB at this timing of the year, we’ve made small gifts for you.
If you’d purchase from us at our factory shop in Kojima or purchase online, we present this CAT pillow cushion to you.
It’s limited so First in, First served.




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