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12/22 TCB SHOP OPENしてます。

12/22 TCB SHOP OPENしてます/ TCB shop will be open on 22/Dec!

After the sewing part done at TCB factory, we outsource only one procedure of the production: Washing to our partnered factory.
Normally, tepid water washing is used but we order the washing with cold water in order to keep the fabric so solid that crinkles easily stay on the fabric.

Plus, we use more powerful drying machine as well so that clear puckering and atari on the selvedge can be found compared when you do it yourself.

写真はSLIM50を穿いてSLIM50の洗いの準備をしてる人 The pictures show a man wearing Slim 50’s who is preparing for the washing for the 50’s slim.

在庫切れしてたSLIM50 Online Storeに掲載しました。
TCB 50’s slim is back in stock!

年末年始のTCB SHOPは
年内12/21-22 12/28-30日営業  年始1/1-2休み 1/3-4営業 1/5日休み 1/_6から通常営業になります。
As for the opening hours for TCB shop for the new year season,
21,22,28,30/DEC – Open
1,2/ Jan – Closed
3,4/ Jan – Open
5/Jan – Closed
From 6th, we will be back in the normal operation.
Opening hours is from 11:00 to 18:00.

We’ve had more and more numbers of overseas customers and voices from them asking for more details on the products so that we finally made one for all TCB fans from the world! The translation and the website making was all done by our new man, Ryo, let him know if you have any questions on the product description or anything particular you’d like to know about TCB! He’s going to work on some blog posts to show what we do!

TCBではonline StoreとTCB 2F SHOPスペースで
12月中に購入の方に CAT Cushionをノベルティとして付けさせて頂きます。
As usual with TCB at this timing of the year, we’ve made small gifts for you.
If you’d purchase from us at our factory shop in Kojima or purchase online, we present this CAT pillow cushion to you.
It’s limited so First in, First served.




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