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Why TCB has been and will be making overalls

Today, we’d like to introduce one of our flagship models: Wrecking Crew Pants.

The name, Wrecking Crew, stems from the two famous video game heroes from Japan. The iconic two middle-aged man with mustache.

Nowadays even denim-dedicated brands around the worlds make less and less overalls because it takes much more time, efforts and skills than normal jeans and it sells much less since fewer people would dare to try layering overalls.

In terms of the production-efficiency, overalls use up 30% more fabric than normal jeans. In Japan, the regular length for a fabric roll of denim is about 50m. If making jeans, we can cut out the fabric for about 20~25 pairs of jeans, depending on the sizes but when it comes to overalls, 50m roll only accounts for 10~13 overalls. In addition However, TCB has kept making overalls and now we have 4 models, adding up to 8 variations in total for two reasons.

One reason is that we are proud of our sewing skills and our overalls can show you the commitment of TCB towards our products.

Secondary, Hajime Inoue, the founder/owner of TCB is succeeding the wish of the man who first started producing jeans in Japan, Mr. Kashino from Oshima Hifuku Co.,Ltd.

When Hajime first met Mr. Oshima back in more than 10 years ago, Mr. Kashino was already pretty old that he didn’t make jeans himself anymore, basically supervising his son managing his company as CEO. Even after his retirement, Mr. Oshima somehow wanted to look after the young boy who was about to make his own company, Hajime Inoue.

Most of the times, Mr. Kashino visited him, repeated saying to Hajime, ” You should make overalls, alright? Overalls are the coolest, you know?”

At that time, Hajime was already super busy so that he did not take the words of Mr. Kashino that seriously but after a few years the great man who brought jeans from the US to Japan passed away. Ever since that the words of Mr. Kashino grew bigger and bigger in the mind of Hajime Inoue. Every time he comes to recalling Mr. Kashino, he is always reminded that he is able to walk on the road of jean business made and pebbled by him.

That’s why TCB has kept and will keep producing overalls.

Thanks for reading! and We are making overalls, Kashino-san!








よく 柏野氏は、井上にこう言いました「オーバーオールを作るべきだ。オーバーオールはかっこいい」

その時、ハジメはすでに忙しいので、柏野氏の言葉を本当の意味で真剣に受け取っていませんでした。それから、数年後にアメリカからジーンズを日本に持ってきた偉大な男は亡くなってしまいました。それ以来、井上一の心の中で柏野氏の言葉はどんどん大きくなっていきました。 彼のことを思い出すたびに、今日の日本のジーンズ業界、強いてはTCBは柏野さんを含めた先人たちが作ってくれた道を歩かせてもらっているんだなと、


読んでくれてありがとう! 柏野さん、TCBは今でもオーバーオールを作っていますよ!




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