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工場が休みの週末なのに自主練でミシンを踏みに来るNEW FACE
Wool Lined Type 1 Jacketでは沢山の御予約ありがとう御座いました。

We’ve welcomed a new guy who dreams to be a denim artisan one day. He even comes to the factory on holiday to practice. He is quite slim so he always wear a lot so I had him try the wool lined jacket.
In the JP vintage market, lined jackets were always second stream for some reasons so that vintage shops back then often took the wool out of the jacket and sold them as normal jean jacket so it’s getting rarer and rarer in the market these day.
It seems it was the first time for him to wear a lined denim jacket so he was quite amused by how warm it was.

I guess many of you might not have experienced how warm this kind of lined denim jacket can be so we’d like to share it with you guys haha.

We will soon start the production of this Wool Lined Type 1 Jacket so please look forward to Christmas!




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