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Wool Lined 50’s Jacket 少しだけ補充します。

After finishing cutting the wool fabric, there were a bit more fabric left than expected. So we will be making the last small batch of the wool lined jacket, which will be the last chance to grab it for sure.

I must say sorry for those who ordered it right after the preorder had taken place but
if I do say so myself, the quality is really good since a lot of professionals gathered their knowledge together to make this. So I wanted more of you to actually grab and enjoy one!
Wool Lined 50’s Jacket
正真正銘最後の購入チャンスとなります。事前にご注文頂いていた方は恐縮ですが、今回新たな工場様との協力やXX development 太一くんと皆様の協力を得て、本当にイイものが作ることができましたのでそんなジャケットを少しでも多くの方にお届けしたいという想いです。




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