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Some of you might know about him if you have been into so-called Amekaji(American-Casual fashion) but he is Mr Minokawa who is involved with the brand, GROOVER as well as works as a writer.
I have been a big fan of him for quite long and once I even wrote a letter to him, which later gave me the chance to get to know him in person, resulting in him kindly doing an interview of me.

He also loves our TCB 50’s co-orp as his usual clothes and this time we’d like to post his cool TCB style, of course with his consent. I remember reading an article about him where he says he doesn’t wear anything underneath when wearing jeans, which I have been the most curious about.
I’ll definitely ask him if it was true or not when I next see him.

そしてこの度、GROOVERさんとTCBがNEW YORKのMannahatta NYCさんにて一緒に店頭に並ぶ事になりました。
NEW YORKのみなさん宜しくお願いします。
Surprinsingly enough, my brand, TCB, and his brand, GROOVER will be on the shelves at the hipster shop in New York, Mannahatta!
If it were a time machine now, I’d love to see the young self of me and him, giving both of them a big applause!!

Ladies and gentlemen in New York, Manhatta is a must-to-go for all the denim heads for sure!

11/19-12/2 そごう横浜にてTCB POP UP STORE 開催中

TCB POP-UP is being held in Yokohama! Below is the details.
Place: Sogo Yokohama
Address: 2-18-1 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Tell: +81 45 465 2111 (Only available in Japanese) but our man, Ryo, is at the place for all non-japanese customers. Let him know if you are coming for any specific items from TCB.
(Ryo’s Insta: @rn182) Thanks!




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