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OKINI The 5th Trunk Show at Singapore

Okini is a Kansai dialect to mean thank you. While it is not used much by the younger generation, store clerks or moms and pops would say “Okini!” to their customers in the shopping arcades. We were travelling on a bus in Osaka when an obaasan (grandma) boarded the vehicle and cheerily thanked the driver with “Okini!!”We looked at each other and smiled, and right there in the bus was the epiphany that we needed.

There is no better way to celebrate FIN’s fifth year than to say thank you; for all the relationships we’ve built with our customers, many of whom have become dear friends to us; suppliers and craftsmen whom we have worked with, taught us numerous things about their craft and in the process, inspired us to better at ours. Okini is also our way of showing gratitude to friends and family that have seen us through this journey.

The fifth trunk show by FIN Crafted Goods, Okini goes back to the root of FIN’s existence – the craft of boro and denim. The highlight of Okini is a collaboration piece with TCB, to make a Levis Type 2 inspired jacket made from 13 ounce green selvedge denim. Our obsession with mottainai (wasting nothing) will also be demonstrated in the old denim scraps used in the collection of boro tote bags and repaired vintage German laborer jackets at the trunk show.

As with most FIN trunk shows, Okini will bring you limited quantities of SBTG x FIN bags. Besides FIN’s line up of products, this trunk show will introduce a selection of photography by a local photographer FARN, handcrafted ceramic ware by Cone No. 9 from Thailand, and local silkscreen artists Nelson and JZ. To complement the event, stunning local food prepared by Rezza from Yunos & Family will be available for purchase.

Okini will be held on 13 and 14 May 2017 from 1 to 7pm at level 6, 39A Jalan Pemimpin, Halcyon Building, Singapore 577183.

For enquiries please contact:
Fahmy: +65 9690 7130
Erliana: +65 9239 5234


Two Cats Brand or TCB have been around since 2012, and is known one of the top 4 brands in Okayama and was highlighted in Clutch magazine 2016 volume 47 (Denim Issue). Inoue-san’s skill, humility and dedication led not only to his label, but also in lending his expertise to other prestigious brands.
Come by to Okini and check out our collaboration with TCB, a slim cut jacket inspired by the Levis Type 2 denim jacket, made with green selvedge denim and embellished with green doughnut buttons.
Inoue-san himself will be there to grace the event and sign on each Okini jacket, so denimheads, we hope you look forward to meeting him in person!
Happening 13 & 14 May, 1-7pm at Level 6, Halcyon Building.




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