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さぁそんな人たちにもオススメなのがChore JK
現在Cathartt JKはハートボタンも完成して予約受付中なので宜しくお願いします。

What do you want for your workwear? you don’t have to worry about how dirty it gets or the durability?
Personally, my answer to the question is simple: many pockets!
The other day, I went to Onsen (hot spring) with Ryo and usually we take off shoes at the entrance of Onsen and we put the shoes in the locker and get the key for it. Walking 10m to the casher and Ryo lost the key, a bit panicked, turning all the pockets inside out, which I was amazed by. On the other hand, Ryo must feel the same because I often rummage around the office to find keys or a lens cap for my camera…lol

I’d like to recommend this jacket for somebody like us! As always, I put a coin case, air pods, keys, Frisk, and my dream in my pockets and am making jeans for you today!We are taking a pre-order for this jacket and the expected delivery is about the end of May ~ Mid June. If you are interested, please hit Ryo (@rn182) on IG!




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