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at Gothenburg Manufaktur 2

先日に続いてGothenburg Manufakturでの模様を。
以前日本で一緒に食事して私の事も書いてくれた事のあるIndigo VeinのAlex
DENIM HUNTERSのThomasもデンマークから会いに来てくて嬉しい限り。
お店にはUNION SPECIALの43200Gも有ったので裾上げもさせて頂きました。

It was such a good surprise that much more customer swung by at Gothenburg Manufaktur than expected. Also, while we were walking around the center area of Gothenburg, we happened to meet a guy wearing Slim 50’s! We rarely talk to strangers on the street but we mustered up the courage to speak to him saying we are the maker of your jeans;)

After meeting up with Jonas, he took us to the Swedish heritage clog shop and gave each one of us a fabulous pair of Swedish clogs. We are already enjoying them back in Japan and let’s see if fast faders like us can age the clogs well. Thank you again, Erik and Jonas for such a lovely present.

During the event, we’ve met a lot of denim guys including Thomas from DENIM HUNTERS, Alex from Indigo Vein, Martin, Kristoffer, Micke and so many others. (Sorry we can’t tag all of you who we met during the event) Thank you all again for coming, and thank you Gothenburg Manufaktur for hosting this event. Now that we’ve been to Sweden to meet you, it’s your turn to visit TCB factory one day;)

I’ve got the impression that Swedish people take a good care of their jeans/jacket and do a hand repair by themselves, which is great! but we rarely see Japanese denim fans do it. It’s a pity that Instagram can only show 10 pics at a time but I’ve got plenty more cool styles to show!




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