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(もちろんそれまでに4年ほどchatやFace Timeを幾度と重ねてますので初めまして感は無かった訳ですが…)

Maybe it took about 20 hours from Kojima to Sweden. After going through the immigration at Aarlanda Airport, Viktor picked us up with a big smile on his face as always. We have known each other for more than 4 years but it was the first time to meet him in person. Actually, we might have been a bit nervous before we met but his bottomless friendly & extrovert character blew away our worries immediately. On the same day, we drove 5 hours all the way to the second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg and at night we had to come face to face with the challenge of Swedish viking way of drinking with Viktor & the director of Denim Hunter movie, Emilio. As far as I remember we went to more than 15 pubs and then lost the memories of what happened afterwards. Don’t know why but traditionally TCB guys have a low tolerance against alcohol like our factory manager says he gets drunk by the alcohol mixed chocolates or just a glass of beer can make Ryo’s face like a tomato. After a few hours, I saw Ryo lying on the floor of bathroom at a random pub half dead and the main theme song of Denim Hunter movie, I wanna die with my blue jeans on, was playing in my head, haha.
It was such chaotic start of TCB’s first Sweden trip. To be continued!




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