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ついついアパレルの紹介をする時に企画担当や営業担当、メイキングでもUNION SPECIALと職人を紹介ってのがTCBを含めて多いのですが織りネームやボタンの数量をチェックするというのもモノづくりで大切な仕事だと思ったので紹介させて頂きました。

She is Yuko-rin, our sample-making master.
When I start any project, it always starts from her. But, some of you might misunderstand us, TCB, but we are still a team of about 10 people and we are just a tiny brand from Kojima so that we don’t always have samples to sew. So, we sometimes ask her to help our crew in charge of repairing, help the bottle neck part of sewing at a time. In other word, she is basically a utility player for TCB.

There is one more important task for her and that is to manage the hard wears such as rivets, buttons, tags, etc. In contrast to the scale of our business, we have so many different hard wears for each model so that the stock management is pretty important for us as a manufacturer.
But the problem is, those hard weara are so alike. For instance, we use copper rivets for 50’s and use steel rivets plated by copper for S40’s and they look exactly the same. To tell them apart, you gotta use magnet to see if they are attracted. If I were to take care of the hard wear, I’m sure I would end up mixing them so badly…

When we talk about ourselves as a fashion brand, we tend to talk only about our new model, fabric, cut, etc but from the manufacturing point of view, there are these trifle yet important tasks to run a factory, which I think is as important!




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