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ゲーセンもカラオケもそこの制服を観たらやめておこう(笑) みたいな感じでした。昭和世代であれば、きっと誰しもそんな地元話があるのではないでしょうか。


RYO君が着てるWORKING CAT HEROもこの場所でロープ染色して頂いております。

I think it’s becoming outdated nowadays but when I was young there were some high schools that had many bad boys & girls doing a bunch of naughty things. Speaking of my hometown, Fukuyama, there was the famous school, especially their students from Dyeing & Weaving faculty. In my old days, we used to go to go to Karaoke or amusement arcade after school but if you see guys in the uniform of the school, you should go home right away. Otherwise you’d get into some troubles lol. I think it’s not only the Japanese thing but must be universal, I guess?

When I was 15, I was like “What the heck do students of weaving & dyeing faculty study anyways?” but as I dived into the denim industry, I gradually got to know how much the weaving & dyeing industry of my hometown has contributed to the Japanese denim industry.

It seems the school still exists as well as the weaving & dyeing faculty but with a different name: Weaving & Dyeing system and my friend has told me that it’s become one of the most prominent high school in Fukuyama. I will keep trying to make the JP denim industry more lively so I hope the students there will study and play hard!

Well, too much talking above but we visited a dyeing factory who does most of the dyeing for our custom-made fabrics. We will explain more about the dyeing procedure later in our blogs! By the way, the dyeing for our newly released Working Cat Hero was done by this factory too!




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