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Boss Of The CAT Overallでも感じましたが本当に拘った部材を作る事が難しくなってます。

ということで、2/5(土) 19:00〜より、10周年の新商品リリースその2 インスタライブを行います。

There’s one button I’ve always wanted to reproduce for quite a long time.
Maybe I’m getting old now but many vintage clothing shops used to sell the buttons at around 100US$ before but nowadays I rarely see them even in famous vintage shops in Tokyo.

When making a custom-made button, the minimum order quantity is huge so it’s always a big hinderance. Moreover, there are less and less artisan to make a mold for metal buttons because of the population aging. We were supposed to release this new chore jacket much earlier but the hard wear company I’d worked with for long was unfortunately closed due to the Covid turbulence so we had to restart the button making process from scratch but finally we are now able to release them.These days, I strongly feel that it’s getting more difficult and more difficult to make this kind of niche hard wears of high quality. I felt the same for the hook & the cinch for Boss of the Cat Overall that we released last year. The buttons are of great quality but we are not sure how long the partnered company could continue making them so we gotta be thankful for the maker and need to cherish his work very much.

A bit of derailment but I’m also thinking to use the button for hair tie!

We are holding a IG live stream for the introduction of our new Cathartte Chore Coat on 5th/Feb 19:00~ Japan time. We will be mainly speaking in Japanese but we will also answer to your questions in English.
We will check all the comments and questions and will answer to all of them so please feel free to join if you have anything to ask us.




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