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Why we make overalls

もしかしたら何度か話したことは有ると思うんですが..今まで廃番した物も含めてWrecking Crew PTHANDYMAN Black Cat OverallTABBYS Overall と4種類のオーバーオールを発表して来たTCB
それは先日、私が着用した記事を掲載しましたが、永年憧れてたBoss Of The Roadのオーバーオールを手に入れたのがきっかけに間違いは無いのですが…

明日9/25 19:00- instagram liveにてこのoverallの発表会を行いたいと思います。宜しくお願いします。
I might have talked about this on the blog but TCB has released several bib overalls so far.Including the discontinued models, there are 4 of them so far.
If you look at other denim brands in the market, not so many brands would dare to produce new overalls. If any, denim brands normally have only 1 or 2 models or even zero. It’s totally understandable and TCB might as well follow the same rule simply because nothing sells more than 501 repro jeans and making a bib overall takes almost twice the time to produce a pair of jeans. It’s a wise choice for any denim companies not to release any overalls, both cost-wise and sales-wise. If there are 100 denim lovers, I think only less than 10% of people would wear a bib overall… but we want you all to try our overall so that’s why we keep the price of any overalls reasonable.
Having said that, TCB is going to release a new bib overall. Why?One of the reasons is that I recently got a change to get a vintage Boss of the Road overall I’ve wanted for long but there is one more reason behind it.
Maybe about 10 years ago, Kashino-san, who contracted with Canton mills in the US for the first time as a Japanese company and imported Union Special machines and first started to make jeans in Japan, used to visit TCB a lot after he retired from his job.He always told me the stories of his old days but there’s one thing I heard enough from him.Kashino-san ” Hajime, you need to make overalls. There are almost no denim companies who put efforts into overalls!”I was young back then, maybe a bit cheeky but I always snapped at him saying ” Hey big boss,  you are still the chairman of big denim company/factory huh? Why don’t you do it in your company?”We did a lot of the same kind of conversations like this but he always insisted on that to me.
I’m kind of a person who hates to be told what to do. I’d rather do the opposite of what people tell me but this conversation kinda stayed in my head some how but eventually I came to think differently.” We have our own factory and overalls are the most time consuming product to sew. Normal denim companies can’t do it then we gotta do it.”
I might have talked too much but I gotta say the words of the pioneer in the denim world are always right.We make good overalls so we’d like you to try our new overall! Tomorrow, we are holding a IG live to introduce our Boss of the Cat Overall.
25th Sep 19:00 JP time. Stay tuned (only in Japanese, sorry)




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