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袖山の高さの違い/ Difference on jeans jackets brought by the height of sleeve cap


First of all, let me explain for our English speaking customers about sleeve cap.
The sleeve cap is the curved top section of the sleeve from the front underarm to the back underarm. The sleeve cap height is that area of the sleeve from the biceps or underarm line to the top of the sleeve cap. The cap height will vary with each armhole and sleeve style.

I recently took some pictures of 50’s Jacket and it made me feel like write about sleeve cap.
For the past months, I’ve written a lot about S40’s Jacket later but if you look at the jacket, the sleeve cap is much lower than type 2 or jackets later. That lead to more lateral sleeves against the shoulder line. I think it’s now considered as an unsophisticated cut pattern but I feel that’s the trend nowadays for denim jackets.

On the other hand, if you look at the 50’s Jacket(Type 2), the sleeve cap is higher so that the sleeves are attached with more angle against the shoulder line. You can see the differences from the jackets laid flat on the ground. Many years ago, I bought a kid’s size vintage type 2 for my daughter but the details are basically all the same as the type 2 but just smaller!

I don’t think there is an answer for which pattern is better but I think they are both good in a different way and each jacket will develop a different kind of creases, eventually fades so try both to feel it and experience it!

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