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Dude Ranch 2

って言う様になって彼女の笑顔を観たいが為に続けてるDude Ranch

“Hey Dad, cow! There’s a cow over there”
I’ve taken my daughter to dude ranch just to see her smile.

Maybe one day, she won’t show her smile to me but to another boy and she will probably tell me
” Hey Dad, I wanna eat good stakes”
I’m already feeling sad about it but I will keep her smile only to myself for a little more while till a baton is passed to someone else.

1歳の誕生日に合わせて作ったKids Wrecking Crew PT
兄弟がいる人は下の子に引き継いで欲しいし、私はこのWrecking Crew PTが入らなくなったら額装して部屋に飾ろうと思ってます。
きっと将来焼肉を食べに行って帰りが遅い娘にイライラする日も額装されたWrecking Crew PTを観て

On her first birthday, we released the kids overall and she was only 89cm weighing 13kg back then but size 100 is now a perfect fit for her. It’s totally understandable that some say it’s quite expensive to pay more than 100 bucks for kids clothes but there’s nothing better or happier than to see your kids growing out of clothes, is it? If your kids have a brother or a sister, passing clothes to young ones is of course a good choice.
When my daughter can’t fit into them anymore, I’m going to frame the overall and put it on the wall as a decoration in my house.

Maybe one day, she will eat stakes with his boy friend and won’t come back before the curfew.
I think I will soothe my irritation and sadness by watching those small overall. I will probably say to myself,
this can’t be helped. She is growing as an adult.

I’m very much looking forward to the day to come!




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