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ReEngineering Dyeing By Logwood COLOR NOT GUARANTEED


The only thing decided was that we would dye the fabric by logwood but we had no clue who could deal with this tricky dye. Our partnered fabric maker helped us do many research but no one could find any factory to do that for about 2 months but finally we received a good news from a dyeing factory in Kyoto where dyeing is historically and traditionally famous because of beautiful kimonos.


We made an appointment and hastily payed a visit to Kyoto ( It was very close to the high school Ryo used to go)
The main product of the dyeing factory is beautifully dyed yarns used for the interior of luxury cars and according to the people from the factory, logwood dye is already a relic of the past so no one today really use them anymore but a living national treasure person of natural dye thought our idea to dye yarn for denim by logwood quite interesting so we finally succeeded in making logwood fabric!

Logwood, or bloodwood, is a tree that is native to the West Indies and South America. When the ground heartwood is soaked in water it makes a blood red liquid which can be used as an indicator solution, changing colour depending on what is added to it. Used as a dye it can produce a range of colours from black and purple to a delicate fawn.

When I was there checking out how the logwood dye was going, it was almost like a scene from some kind of a splatter movie because of the blood looking water EVERYWHERE.


I asked, any natural dye including this logwood is more eco-friendly?
They professionally answered yes. It doesn’t include any synthetic dye but the ingredient is 100% extracted from logwood so it’s eco-friendly. When we dye, we need to boil them to keep the color deeply penetrated so unless you throw away the boiled water, nothing would damage the environment. Before dumping the reddish water, they are going to be filtered to be transparent again too.
If you go through the pictures of the dyeing process, you see the ecru threads being dyed to pink and then brownish grey and finally grey. When Ryo and I first saw the bright pink color, we were like oh… the color is totally different from what we were imagining… oh my.. but it gradually turned into the color we wanted!





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