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Wear Your Cat Boy Jacket

Lee と言えばBuddy TCBを作ろうか?とも考えたのですが、流石にプレゼントには予算オーバーだし…とずっと頭の中にいる状態が続いてたのですが、
ふと個人的主観ですが、Leviに比べてLeeって刺繍物のGジャンが多いなぁって改めて気づきました。そこで、思い切ってサガラチェーンにてEmbroidered JKを作る事にしました。



受付期間は2021/06/27 23:59までもしくは生地がなくなり次第終了とさせて頂きます。



I have written about this a lot but the fabric of Cat Boy jacket was discontinued recently and I’ve been planning something special for the finale of Cat Boy. It’s as you all know a Lee Cowboy-homage jacket so I was thinking to make Buddy TCB and other plans have been going round and round but it occurred to me that there are lots of vintage Lee jackets with cool embroidery. Personally, there are more Lee embroidered jackets than Levi so we are going to commemorate the finale of Cat Boy with special embroidery.

■Heads Up■

The preorder will finish on 27 June JP time 23:59
Or when we run out of the fabric

-We are going to have our jackets embroidered by our partnered Sagara chainstitch embroidery company so the delivery date is still unfixed. It’ll be somewhere between the end of July ~ the beginning of September so once decided we will notify each pre-orderer about the definitive delivery date.

-We don’t do only the embroidery to jackets you already have.
As long as TCB is not the one to do the embroidery, every jacket to be embroidered should be all in the same condition.

You can check more details about this jacket from the link here.




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