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30’s Jacket リニューアル/Modification on our 30’s Jacket

TCBのベストセラージャケットの一つである30’s Jacket。言わずもがな、Type1のリプロダクションモデルのリニューアルが行いました。

One of the best selling jackets for TCB is 30’s Jacket, so-called type 1 jacket but we have renewed the cut of the jacket this time. The history of vintage reproduction jeans brands started from Japan but nowadays there are so many brands in the category worldwide and one thing many people don’t understand is that each brand adds some essences of a brand to reproduced vintage garment.

TCBにおいては、ジーンズはビンテージそのままのシルエットで、ジャケットは21世紀にセットアップで着ても、格好よく着れるバランスに変更しています。もちろん、縫製仕様や生地に関しての作り込みを大前提に、ですね。 30’s Jacketもリリースから既に5年ほど経過し、当時のカッコいいと今のカッコいいが変わってきたように思います。それを反映して、昨年は今までのTCBジャケットとは違うシルエットのS40’s Jacketリリース や50’s Jacketのリニューアルを行ったという形です。そして、今回は30’s Jacketのリニューアルを実施することになりました。

When it comes to TCB, we usually make jeans true to a vintage piece but we change the cut of jackets in order to make them look better in this modern era, especially thinking about how the tux style looks cool. Of course, on the premise that fabric and construction are faithfully reproduced, tho! It’s been almost 5 years since we released the 30’s jacket but I think the definition of what’s cool has changed a lot in the past 5 years. Reflecting the trend, we released S40’s Jacket and renewed the cut of our 50’s Jacket last year and this time we are going to modify the cut of our 30’s Jacket.

肩幅 +3.5cm


Originally, our 30’s Jacket was one of the slimmest jackets but the new cut will be basically more relaxed like the vintage piece.

Compared with the previous cut, the new cut has
3.5cm wider shoulder width
3cm wider chest (pit2pit)
1.5cm longer dress length and much roomier armholes.

In addition, the proportion of the yoke and the front body is also revisited. Because we modified the previous cut much longer and narrower than the original, we needed to balance the proportion but the new cut will be made true to the original proportion, meaning they’ll have much shorter yoke.

■photo no1~no5: new jacket photo after no 5: previous jacket

180cm 84kg guy wearing the new and the old in size 46

■The delivery will be around end of June ~ mid July

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