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TCB Giveaway!

年末最終日にTCB として最後のIG Liveを行った際に少し内容に触れましたが、新春お年玉企画として抽選でTCB製品をプレゼント致します。

As we mentioned in the last TCB live, we are going to do a huge giveaway to our followers.
It’s not that we will give away any products you want but TCB being as a seller and a manufacturer at the same time, there is one thing inevitable: Fabric defects.


It’s very often seen on any vintage denim items but Levis or so-called store brands used to sell them as irregular products. When we find this kind of irregularity on a product, we usually have no choice but to throw them away or let them sleep forever in our warehouse but we’d be more glad if anyone wears them than throwing them away.That’s why we decided to do this giveaway!

Here’s the line up for the giveaway.

Tabby’s Coat Wabash Size:34
Foreman Vest Brown Canvas Size:34/ 36

50’s Jeans Black/Black Size:33/40
505 Jeans Size: 36
Seamen’s Trousers Size: 36
Carpenter Pants Brown Canvas Size:28/34
Crawling Pants Olive Size:30
Baker Pants Olive Size:XL
Tropical Trousers Olive Size: XXL

合計:12点/ In total: 12 pieces

Instagramで @tcbinoue と @rn182をフォロー頂く。

1/9(土) AM中までに、@rn182宛に ご希望の商品名をDMにてご連絡を御願いします。

同日、19:00よりIG Liveにて商品ごとに抽選(くじ引き)を行い、当選されました方へ商品を無償でお届け致します。

■How to apply for the giveaway
Please follow both @tcbinoue and @rn182 accounts

DM to @rn182 saying which model you want!
*Please DO NOT send a DM to @tcbinoue account, which doesn’t count as an application
*If you don’t follow both the accounts, that’s also disqualification for the giveaway.
*Please write only one product you want per person.

On the same day from 19:00 JP time, we are doing a live lottery to choose the lucky winner for the giveaways.
*Time difference may get in the way to watch the live but Ryo will DM you if you were lucky enough.


2:TCBが通常販売しているモノと一般の方々に認識されてしまうと困りますので、今回のイレギュラー商品に関しては何らかそれが分かるように刻印 もしくはスタンプを押した上でのお届けを予定しております。

1:It’ll be totally our judge but we would like to give a present to TCB fans so that we will exclude
DMs that seem to be from throw away accounts.

2:For overseas customers, we will need to ask you to take care of the shipping fee.

3:We are planning to put a stamp or some marks on the giveaway products not to make people think that this is the quality of TCB!

50’sや60’sなどThe TCBらしいデニム製品は思ったよりも少ないかもしれませんが、脇役ではないですが505やCrawling Pantsなど
Hope y’all enjoy this event! Looking forward to receiving your DMs!




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