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New Era

Last year I declared that TCB is going to prepare for passing the batton of making jeans to the new generation. Going true to the declaration, we welcomed a new crew from Jan.

He came to TCB factory last year as a customer and moved to Kojima before I gave him a job offer. He is Tanaka.
He has hitchhiked all the way from San Francisco to New York only with $200. Of course, the money was gone in a few days so he barely got by thanks to all the kindness from American people and it seems he did some basking on the street.

(I myself also jumped the gun and moved to Kojima only with the passion in my heart. In addition, I was travelling in the US for a month when I was about 20 year old so I feel something in common with him. But for me, I only went to CA and Nevada but it’s a secret to him.)

田中に関しましては、近くで撮影出来ないLowbrow Artなスウェットに30’sJKを合わせて登場してくれました。
Holy, who joined TCB last Nov, came to the office with a vintage type 1 jacket, quite cheeky style I’d say for 22 years old kid, haha.
As with Tanaka, he came with a sweater with some low brow art on, layering with 30’s jacket.

口酸っぱく言いますが彼が被ってる帽子のブランド名と一緒でNew Era(次世代)が活躍してくれる事を切に願います。
あ!私が昨日New Eraを被ってたのはどちらかと言えば故郷のホームチームの帽子を被るという事に意味を持ってます笑

I say this quite often but I genuinely think the New Genearaion, …no New era should succeed and flourish their talents in the jeans industry. Well, I myself wore a New Era cap yesterday but I wore that with the respect to my home baseball team.




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