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2017年 初めてドイツの展示会に出た時に、TCBのフラッグを観て
Back in 2017, when we first exhibited in the overseas fashion show in Berlin, Mats from Indigofera came to my booth to say hi. I remember him saying TCB flag is based on the CA state flag and there’s a cat instead of a bear but for Indigofera we have a griffin, a swedish mythical animal, instead. That’s I think the first contact for me with Indigofera team. They use Japan-made fabric for some denim and flannel shirt but when I first saw their collection, I didn’t think they were made of japanese fabric because the color, the vibe, the atmosphere of their fabric struck me as totally different, of course all in good ways. That’s the design sense and how they put their philosophy and their aesthetics into the garments that made me think so.


And in this Jan when we exhibited in SEEK/Trade Union in Berlin, we coincidentally had a booth close to Indigofera and I personally saw their collection and this poncho caught my eyes. I wear denim tux throughout a year but even I feel cold in the winter but I don’t like wearing any clothes made of non-cotton stuff so this poncho was right on the spot for me.

あまり日本でPonchoの文化って無い印象ですがThe JAPANな縁側とも相性がよく、今年は颯爽と風を感じながら寒い季節を楽しみたいと思います。


あ!S40’s JK 発売中です

In Japan, we rarely see anyone rocking a poncho but it kinda matches the very japanese scenes like Engawa, don’t you think?(a porch-like wooden floor outside a Japanese-style room facing the garden on the first floor)

I’m sure I’ll enjoy this winter with TCB denim tux & Indigofera poncho, feeling the nice, cold air in Japanese winter time. I recommend this poncho very much for any denim head like me!




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