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SEAMEN JK 新色 HICKORY STRIPE 発売開始のお知らせ New Color Added: Hickory Stripe for Seamen’s Jacket

この度、TCBのロングセラー商品SEAMEN JKのHICKORY STRIPE Verを発売しました。
We’ve added the new color to our Seamen’s Jacket: Hickory Stripe.

In the vintage world, the number of the hickory striped marine jacket is quite limited but this colored jacket was also used for prisoner at the war at that time. I once saw the jacket in hickory stripe with the initial P.W., hand-stenciled.

For the denim ver, we use water-based paint but for this one, we use oil-based ink to make an authentic looking on the stencil part, which I think successfully added a flair to this jacket.

TCBではonline StoreとTCB 2F SHOPスペースで
12月中に購入の方に CAT Cushionをノベルティとして付けさせて頂きます。
As usual with TCB at this timing of the year, we’ve made small gifts for you.
If you’d purchase from us at our factory shop in Kojima or purchase online, we present this CAT pillow cushion to you.
It’s limited so First in, First served.
裁断のタイミング的にwaist overallの本藍の生地や50’sの生地が入ってると思います。

Inside the pillow
We thought the normal cotton was better but this time we recycled the wasted fabric for this small gifts. Guessing from the production timing, some pieces from 50’s and the new released pure indigo clothings were used in it.




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